Translations belong to the main part of our services. When translating a given document we pay much attention not only to appropriate grammar structures, spelling, lexis, the consistence of a translated text with its original version, but most of all to proper register characteristic of the genre of a submitted document. Moreover, we apply professional and sophisticated terminology used in a specialist sublanguage.


We offer you a wide range of fields of our specialization:


   -    economy, banking and finance;

   -    commerce;

   -    technical;

   -    computing;

   -    medical science;

   -    law and consulting;

   -    general (e.g. literature)



web page translations


Apart form translating documents, we prepare web pages in English. It is of great importance to be understood and visible in the world nowadays. So how about making your English web site an ideal showcase.





Beyond any doubt, interpreting demands all the aspects mentioned above in translations, however, we should bear in mind that native-like pronunciation, correct intonation and fluency are indispensable here. We are at your disposal as far as consecutive and simultaneous interpreting of the highest quality is concerned.